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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Five years ago, I was attending the NAB conference in Las Vegas (an industry-standard event for most of us) and stumbled upon one of the greatest new American companies: INOVATIV.

A company was developed from the frustrations of a professional filmmaker for not having a functional film production cart and much needed accessories for the ever evolving film industry.

At NAB, I got to speaking with Patrick Blewett, the Founder and CEO. Patrick proceeded to tell me the history on why he started the company. He began it in order to fill the void of a functional and lightweight film production cart that was portable, yet strong enough to carry all of the newly designed gear & accessories for the film industry. The name says it all: constant innovation to improve the tools and workflow of our trade.

As a working drone pilot in Los Angeles and part of the dynamic commercial film industry, I needed this cart so I could utilize it on all the various productions I was working on. I fell in love with the INOVATIV Scout 42 cart and proceeded to order one in the weeks following NAB.

Having a Youtube channel and reviewing drones and camera gear out on location had its challenges for me before buying this cart.. I would always be looking for a park bench which was usually covered in aviary waste (aka bird shit), or having to carry a fold-up picnic table, and here I am trying to review a product a company sent me. This was not a good look, and after enough crappy park bench review videos, I had this incredibly portable and professional looking INOVATIV 42 film cart! I could do my reviews anywhere now without a problem.

In the below pictures, you can see over it's use six months and I wanted to thoroughly use it on many different productions before doing our review for such an important piece of equipment.

Watch our in depth review below which showcases the cart being used for multiple different uses in the film world, which includes Drone, FPV, Heavy-lift, Steadicam, Movi/Ronin 2 gimbal, and DIT applications.

Above, in the middle pane, we're using the DJI Inspire 2 for a car commercial in downtown Los Angeles. Pictured on the right, we're using the Voyager 42 for camera prep for a Miracle Grow campaign.

Five years on, and hundreds of locations later, my first Inovativ cart is still going strong. Not one part has failed me! The only hiccup that has happened after years of use is a flat tire. My good mate Hugo Bordes who is a cinematographer at Motive Visuals borrowed my cart back in the day actually got the flat tire once, which was was an easy fix. Hugo soon purchased the Echo 36 after using mine and loving it.

Below is my review which best sums up my thoughts of the Inovativ Voyager 42 after 6 months of solid use on countless productions. It showcases the cart being used for multiple Drone platforms use, Steadicams, Movi/Ronin2 platforms, and DIT:

I hope you enjoyed the review video by DRONEGEAR Creative Director, Alex Kavanagh.

We're very excited to be now on the INOVATIV Ambassador Team!

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