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Updated: May 15, 2019

Updated April 14 blog.

Following up on our first report that a new DJI ACTION OSMO CAMERA is on the way and it sets the stage for DJI to directly take on GoPro in the action camera market, which has a global forecast of $10.25 billion between 2018 and 2026.

When is it coming? May 15.

Following up on our exclusive previous report and confirming what we'd heard, is that it will be called the DJI OSMO ACTION. As seen in the newly confirmed leaked packaging photo and others pictured above.

One of the biggest features will be the DUAL LCD screens (front and back), which will be a GAME CHANGER for this camera and something we haven’t seen in the action camera market other than the Sony RX0 II which has a screen that flips up and is water proof to 10 meters. Being able to see yourself whilst holding the camera or having it on a pole will mean that you’re not shooting blind anymore!

We can confirm that it will shoot 4K up to 60 FPS, and 1080 up to 120 FPS, but there may be higher frame rates in these formats that we can’t confirm. You can guarantee that it will be matched very closely with the GoPro 7 with the built-in image stabilization being a highlight.

Other rumoured spec:

- 1/2.3" 12MP CMOS image sensor - Sony IMX377

- Ambarella H2 image processor

- Shutter: 1/8000-120s

- Video specs: 4K60 with 8x slow motion, HDR and automatic time-lapse photography.

- Shooting mode: Single, AEB continuous shooting, countdown shooting, interval shooting.

It’s no surprise to us that DJI would make a camera like this to compete with GoPro, Sony and all the other action camera brands to take even more market share in the consumer camera market. DJI has been making cameras now since the DJI Phantom Vision Plus in 2014, which seems like a LIFETIME AGO in the drone world. They’ve been the industry leader in drone and gimbal technology ever since, which has given them the ability to throw SO MUCH MONEY into the ground-camera and stabilization market.

In summary we know that it will have dual LCD screens as first reported April 14, have all the features that the GoPro 7 currently has, it might have a few more camera features knowing DJI and their long list of intelligent flight modes they have on their drones. One would expect good audio out of the camera but with an optional audio jack for vloggers.

Price-point won’t be far off that of the GoPro 7 at $350, but one can guess it may even go up to $700 due to the dual LCD screen cost being higher to manufacture and DJI offering more premium features much like the SONY RX0 II.

This camera will likely be the next “go-to” for the adventure photographer/videographer and vlogger and will no doubt confirm DJI as direct competitor for GoPro, which will only heat things up and make these cameras we love even better!

Will this be the GoPro killer? Only time will tell. We're excited to get our hands on one and run it through it's paces!

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Alexa john
Alexa john
Dec 02, 2020

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