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​Adobe Stock Feature - Dynamic Camera Movement

We had the pleasure of being asked by Adobe Stock to produce a three-part video series for the highly anticipated Start With Stock campaign, a video series showcasing our work and how we capture aerial cinematography and speciality camera movement alongside uploading to Adobe Stock.

Before our video series went live, we were featured on the Adobe Stock Instagram account for five days to spotlight our team's work at DRONEGEAR Productions. Our three main videos focused on dynamic camera movement using the latest drones and camera gimbal technology which is what we specialize in. It was an absolute honor to to be featured in this video series, and we were given complete creative freedom on our content.

Video 1 was produced by me, Alex Kavanagh. I covered a few different topics from legalities of flying drones to what is needed before uploading drone footage to Adobe Stock. I then covered some of the different drone techniques we regularly use on commercial sets and around the world. Check out the full video at the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube in the video below!

Video 2 was by our very own Director of Photography and French native, Hugo Bordes.

Hugo took his custom-made camera car with the Flowcine Black Arm, DJI Ronin 2 and RED Gemini cinema camera to showcase how he uses the system to collect stock footage.

Video 3 was produced by our favorite Canadian and fellow DRONEGEAR drone pilot Mike Bishop, an award winning aerial photographer and cinematographer. Mike shows you his FPV drones and how he uses them to take to the skies and capture unique perspectives that only these types of freestyle quadcopter drones can do.

At the end of each video, we show you how to export and upload ready-to-sell Adobe Stock. We have massive amounts of footage to upload to Adobe Stock as we’re new contributors and have 7+ years of aerial cinematography and photography from all over the world. Note that many of the drone shots showcase places that are no longer legal to fly unless you have permits or special permissions. In short, we’re sitting on a gold mine and can’t wait to upload to Adobe Stock! Special thanks to Adobe for having us on this Start With Stock Series. We had an absolute blast!

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