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Coming at number 1 is the all new DJI Mavic Air.

Features that we like are the following:

  • Small & compact and only 430 grams
  • 4K video with a 100mbps video bitrate
  • 32MP Sphere Panoramas
  • New Quickshots Asteroid & Boomerang
  • 3 directional sensing

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We’ve been testing these filters for the past month and using them on many productions and are extremely impressed with the quality of footage and photos we’ve been taking.

  • 3 pack, ND8, ND16 & PL Polarizing filter
  • Reduce shutter speed for more cinematic shots
  • Color Core Technology
  • Delirin lightweight ring and incredibly strong
  • Made in the U.S.A

The number one question we get asked is “what do I need to get more cinematic shots and take better photos?” and our answer is filters, you must have these in your kit for flying during bright daylight conditions, whether you’re over water, urban streets or the desert… You need filters and Tiffen has delivered the best quality glass and filter on the market.

5 stars from the DRONEGEAR Team for the Tiffen P4P Filters!


The Stoked Pac from GOSCOPE is a very well thought out bag, fits the phantom series drone in so nicely, with velcro straps to secure the feet down, 4 rubber nibs to protect the motors in transit and a further elastic strap at the top to hold down securely, drone is going nowhere.

A secured section for everything, propellors, filters, cables, hard drives and memory cards, keys, wallet, phone, straps for a jacket or more gear on the outside.

Multiple sections for gopro poles and three external zipper sections which are extremely easy to get to for more accessories, a laptop and or camelback.

This bag continually surprises me in the best way, a good looking bag thats comfortable and affordable and ticks all the boxes.

At $99.95 DRONEGEAR approves.

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4. DJI X7 Camera

Having flown the Inspire 2 now for well over a year now we’re extremely excited about this new X7 camera system with interchangeable lenses from DJI.

Having stepped up the game again with an improved super 35mm sensor which is increased dynamic range, ISO and 6K CinemaDNG this proprietary system from DJI is a game changer.

After using this on several commercial shoots around the world, clients have been blown away by the quality on set and the ability to change lenses without balancing issues, which means we can get in the air much quicker to pick more shots.

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Coming in at number 2 is the DJI MAVIC PRO, with amazing features we like:

  • True 4K stabilised camera
  • 12MP Camera
  • Extremely compact and light weight at 1.64 lbs / 743grams
  • 4.3 mi / 7KM of range
  • Obstacle avoidance and extra sensors for safe indoor flying.
    Active Track & TapFly
  • Up to 27 minutes of flight time
  • Fly with your smart phone
  • DJI Goggles for true FPV experience

This truly is an amazing drone with so much technology and features built into one compact unit, with the small price of $999.00 the DJI MAVIC takes out DRONEGEAR’S number 2 pick.

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