The Slipstream is the first X-style airframe from Horus. Originally, Horus had no intention of designing X-style airframes as the market had been saturated and little innovation was left in the geometry. UNTIL WE REALIZED WE COULD OPTIMIZE IT! Horus pilots spent tens of hours trying multiple geometries to find the design that was optimal for all types of flying.
The Slipstream locks you in to your racing line, allowing you to reach new speeds and take turns faster than ever before all the while, not restricting you from doing freestyle tricks! Frames that are too long are not acrobatic enough, frames that are too do not lock in. The Slipstream is just right.
Utilizing 3D printed parts, Horus integrated the camera mount, video-transmitter mount and receiver antenna mounts in to a clean and tight package, allowing for a light weight racer.
Horus carbon is also superior, it does not delaminate, instead it dents. You can be confident flying your Slipstream anywhere, from the park to the parking garage.
Welcome to the Slipstream, the best X-frame to date.
  • Designed in the USA
  • 4MM 3K Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 2MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • Engineering Grade 3D Printed Parts
  • Titanium Screws / Aluminum Locknuts
  • 30MM Aluminum Standoffs
  • Flexible Anti-Jello FPV Camera mounting & protection
  • Antenna Saver flexible antenna tube mounts
  • Flexible VTX Pigtail mount
  • Soft Battery cushion
  • New HORUS battery strap


Strength and a lightweight chassis the likes of which have never been seen before in a VTail design. The Harpy is our first VTail racing frame. Designed to be modular, strong and adaptable, it incorporates a number of features. The showcase is the new nylon V-block, which significantly increases the crash-worthiness of the VTail design. Using nylong proved revolutionary as it allowed for many off-angle and upside-down crashes to be survivable. In addition, the Harpy adds interlocking arms, distributing impacts throughout the chassis, ensuring you can push the limits.
Each Harpy is also capable of utilizing two CG orientations, so you can tune the responsiveness of the airframe; short for easy mode, tall for snappy and responsive.
Included with each kit are high quality 3K Carbon fiber, high quality 3D parts, two sets of standoffs, spares and titanium screws.
The Horus Harpy, welcome to the world of speed.


  • Designed in the USA
  • Unique Arm/Tail interlocking design
  • 2 Available CG Orientations
  • Up to 90 Degrees of Camera Tilt
  • 2.1mm Lens Compatible
  • 4MM 3K Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 2MM & 1.5MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • 2 Engineering Grade 3D Printed VBlocks
  • 2 Sets of Landing Gear
  • Titanium Screws / Aluminum Locknuts
  • 40mm and 30mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • Free part files so you can print replacement parts
  • PIDs available online
  • Front & Rear Motor Bumpers
  • Future Accessory releases to customize your own


A collaborative effort between Horus fan, Clemens Schwarz and Horus designer Sherif Manganas gave birth to the smallest VTail in the Horus family, the Merlin. Unique to the extreme, the Merlin combines incredible style with well thought-out design. The Merlin features four unique CG-points, all of which can be changed by swapping the top plate and battery locations.
The Merlin is an exciting introduction to the VTail world. Using all carbon construction ensures that its light and fast, flying on it’s nose and cornering like a maniac. While it may seem small and attractive, its a seriously fast frame demanding an experienced pilot to build, tune and race.
  • Collaborative Design
  • 2 Unique Configurations
  • 4 Available CG Orientations
  • Camera Tilt up to 90 Degrees
  • 3MM & 2MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • All Carbon Construction
  • Titanium Screws / Aluminum Locknuts
  • 30MM Aluminum  Standoffs